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Rustic Juniper Furnture - Custom Tables by Don DeFlavis

The wood used to make these unique tables is Alligator Juniper. It is harvested from already "dead" trees in the forests of northern Arizona.  Each tree is located and selected for its unique features and the trees are then taken to the mill  to be cut into the sizes needed. The table tops are generally 3 to 5 inches in thickness. The length of the tops ranges from about 3 feet for the medium size tables, to over 7 feet for the large coffee table, which is also over 2 feet 6 inches wide! This species of wood has very slight growth each year, so the rings are very tight, and there is much character in this wood.  All parts of the trees are utilized, with the limbs being used for the legs of the tables. The interesting limb shapes are selected and artistically matched with tops that compliment each other. Some of this wood is then selected to be sandblasted to remove unwanted bark. The rough cut "slabs" are then shaped and sanded to highlight the natural beauty of the wood. Legs are matched and cut, then custom fit and sanded before being attached to the tops.
Within the natural open crevices of the table tops there are accent sections that have been filled with rough nuggets and chips of Turquoise set into a clear durable resin that adds a spark of color to accentuate the warm, rich tones of the hand rubbed wood.

Every piece of furniture is completely hand finished and personally hand-crafted by Don DeFlavis. Don is an artist as well as a master builder, artfully combining these skills to produce these beautiful pieces. 

We carry a great selection of lamps, mirrors, and other accessories, and can produce custom creations utilizing your own unique designs. Contact us for prices, photos, and availability of accessories, or any other questions, and we will be glad to discuss the creative possibilities with you.

Prices on these tables includes crating and shipping within a 500 mile radius.

Rustic Juniper Furnture    

Click on the images below for more information about the furniture, pricing, and larger photos. We also now have choice slabs, limbs, and mantle pieces of Alligator Juniper available for purchase. Visit our Alligator Juniper page for details.

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Large Coffee Table
Medium Bench
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Twisted Limb Coffee Table
buffet table
Buffet Style Table
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Medium Coffee Table
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Table with Lamp