Profile of a Master Builder
Don DeFlavis

I was born into the construction trades. You might say it is in my genes. My father was a builder and General Contractor, a master carpenter by trade. One of my earlest memories is going with my dad to work, watching him as he was remodeling a kitchen. I was in awe of the tools and skill which he used to produce the cabinets. The Idea came to mind that I would like to do this work when I would be old enough. My grandfather was a stone mason from Italy. He also was a builder and contractor. Much of the old granite stone work in Westchester County, New York, he built. Family lore includes stories that in Italy, the Roman offical Flaviis (the builder of the coliseum in Rome) was our ancestor. Truth or legend?

As a boy I worked with my father weekends and holidays. In high school I studied art, woodworking, drafting, math and science. I was also interested in photography, and woodworking as hobbies. In college I studied architecture and construction technolgy. As a young adult I worked in the new home business, then later working on commercial construction and home building. I went into business for myself in early 1991. I specialized in remodeling and additions on high-end homes, and also some commercial remodeling in and around Naples, Florida. I "semi-retired" in 2004.
In high school my family vacationed in the North Carolina mountains. We stayed in a rustic cabin on two different trips. I rember the comfortable, organic feeling of this all wooden structure. I thought that one day I would like to build a project like this.

Fast foward to 2005, My wife and I vacationed in northern Arizona. We fell in love with the area and bought a home in Cottonwood, Arizona. We happened onto an opportunity to buy some beautiful acreage in the Juniper Mountains of northern Arizona, about 12 miles off "Route 66" southwest of the small town of Seligman. I became acquainted with several artisans in the area, and one thing lead to another. My semi-retirement ended and my lifelong dream began to materialize. I believe that this cabin's home construction is the culmination of a lifetime of experience and dreams. I hope you enjoy the web page, and I know you will love the cabin. I am now offering this showpiece for sale, and I look forward to hearing from friends and customers, so please contact me for more info or to schedule an appointment to tour the cabin.

Don DeFlavis, Master Builder